Alamo Neurosurgical Institute

The Alamo Neurosurgical Institute focuses on back pain treatment through a variety of options.  We are capable of treating the full spectrum of neurosurgical disorders, with a special focus on spine surgery. We practice the most advanced and effective neurosurgery in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We are credentialed at all of the major hospital systems in San Antonio and meet patients’ needs in every neurosurgical discipline.

Dr. Michael A. Leonard, Executive Director of the Alamo Neurosurgical Institute, is a board-certified neurosurgeon educated and trained at New York University School of Medicine.


Life Care Planning Services

Personalized treatment developed by thorough assessments of an individual’s medical, psychological, and social needs — as well as their personal goals and aspirations.

Personalized Treatment and Services

Multi-specialty Team

Unique, collective treatment services for all stages of treatment and recovery — utilizing our coordinated, multi-specialty team.

Insurances Accepted

We are not contracted with any health insurance company, but gladly see patients as an out-of-network provider. As a service to senior citizens and veterans in our community, we see patients with Medicare and Tricare.

Friendly, Helpful & Knowledgable

Our fully-trained staff can help with any questions about procedures and ensure that you can make the most informed decisions possible.


Our Patients’ Experience