Experience Reduced Pain & Numbness

Experience Reduced Pain & Numbness

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Reduce Reliance on Back Pain Medicine

Reduce Reliance on Back Pain Medicine

3 Reasons Why Dr. Leonard is the Best Spine Surgeon in San Antonio

3 Things Your Neck and Back are Trying to Tell You

I was feeling weak and ineffective in my job. ANI solved my back problems and got me back to work in no time, stronger, and with no pain.

Expert Medical Care

We are home to one of the few Spine fellowship trained, board certified neurosurgeons in South Texas.

We also invest in the state of the art Meso-robotic Renaissance Spine Surgery System. This means enhanced precision and optimized outcomes—getting you back on your feet as soon as possible!

Improved Lifestyle

You want to get back to the lifestyle you love. We want that for you, too!

  • Better Sleep
  • Less Pain
  • The ability to work
  • No more frustration with managing medications

Comprehensive Service

We make scheduling appointments and visits easy. We are a comprehensive practice capable of treating the full spectrum of neurosurgical disorders, with a special focus on spinal surgery services.

  • Procedure Room
  • Non-invasive Solutions
  • Non-surgical Solutions

It shouldn’t be hard to live pain free.

We have a simple, 3 step plan to help you get started.


Take the first step towards a pain-free life.

Make Appointment


Schedule an Appointment

Get a comfort care evaluation to find out exactly where your pain stems from.


Get an individual plan of care

Because not every person benefits from the same treatment, a comprehensive plan of care is developed specifically for you.


Start Living Pain-Free

Get back to work, your daily activities, and a pain-free life!

We strive to give you the best outcome possible by using non-invasive treatments.

That’s right, non-invasive.

We specifically design treatments for you based on your individual and unique need.

You can feel vibrant and strong and we can help you every step of the way!

Discover Services

Setup a Consultation

We can walk you through every step of the process.